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A Message from Mayor Veenstra

The past few months have certainly been historic, if not chaotic. Because of Covid-19, we have all been forced to make dramatic changes to our daily lives. The economic hardships caused by the pandemic have affected virtually every sector of the country, and Addison is no exception. But as always, we have come together to help one another. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, School Districts 4 and 88 have worked with other local agencies to provide more than 250,000 meals to children who otherwise would have gone without lunches. The Addison Township Food Pantry, supported by donations of food, money, and manpower from the Village, local churches, and charitable organizations have been able to provide relief to nearly 600 families each week. Businesses, themselves hard hit by the quarantine, have found ways to support many of our charities whose resources have been depleted. I asked our Police Department to pay special attention to the needs of our senior population, a group most at risk, and they responded by creating a call list and began well-being calls several time a week to more than 250 residents. 

The intergovernmental cooperation and coordination of resources between the Village, the school districts, the Fire Protection District, the Library and Park Districts, and the Township was truly remarkable. In addition to their normal activities, the Addison Fire District was instrumental in providing needed masks for the various agencies. And while Addison had a very high incidence of Covid-19 cases, through the diligent efforts of each of you in complying with the Board of Health guidelines, we went from a high of 254 active cases on May 25 to 34 cases on June 25.

Now, as we head into the second month of summer, our region of the State of Illinois heads into Phase 4 of Governor Pritzker’s “Restore Illinois” Plan. And with Phase 4, our lives will start to return to what has been described as a “new normalcy”. In addition to outdoor dining, restaurants will be able to begin serving indoors, albeit at reduced capacity, while other businesses will also be allowed to open months after being forced to close. I encourage you to patronize our local businesses whenever possible.

Addison has done exceptionally well in effectively dealing with Covid-19 and in complying with health department guidelines. But while optimism comes with the relaxing of the Governor’s executive orders, we must be cognizant of the fact that Covid-19 continues to be a real threat to our community. One needs only to look at other states to see that disregard to health department guidelines causes a resurgence of the virus and a need to return to more austere restrictions.

We have “flattened the curve” here in Addison, and as we continue to follow current health guidelines, the number of active COVID-19 cases will continue to decline.

I encourage all our residents to stay safe and healthy while looking forward to our fully restored future, because that future depends on what we do today. 


Rich Veenstra