The Village staff and employees strive to provide the best service possible to our residents, while keeping your property taxes as low as possible.

Your local government – made up of dedicated elected officials and highly qualified staff – works hard to ensure that Addison continues to grow and thrive.  Village services are consistently praised, while being provided with a reasonable tax rate.

More than 36,000 people call the Village of Addison home.  Whether you are new to our community, or have lived here for years, here is some of the information you need to know.  

Addison has been extremely successful at attracting and retaining industry and business within the village due to the proactive and forward-thinking actions of its elected officials. To encourage business and industrial development and facilitate the expansion of existing sites, the village offers a wide variety of economic incentives that are molded to the needs of each individual business seeking a home in Addison.

Whether you are considering calling Addison home, or just visiting for day for pleasure or business, here are some links you might find useful.


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2022 Letters

Winter 2022

Dear Friends,

As the cold winds and snows of winter blow across our town, some of us may reminisce about the “good old days” of summer and long for the warmth and brightness of a cloudless, sunny day. 

While the thought of the changes winter brings may make us uncomfortable, we understand the reality that to grow and to be revitalized by the coming spring, we must accept those changes.

Much like the seasons, every community undergoes changes ... changes that help us to adapt, revitalize, and grow. In today’s world, it is often hard to keep in perspective what is truly important and what is mere distraction.

While the world around us seems to be continually changing, it’s reassuring to know that the one constant that keeps us united as a community and focuses us on the reason we are a community, is our belief in the importance of faith, family, and friends.

That belief has allowed us to weather many storms and changes over our 138 year history, and despite those changes, we continue to grow vibrant and successful. For that belief tells us it’s not about brick and mortar…it’s always about the people.

So while some may dread the winter change, it’s important to remember that it brings with it the joy of the holidays, a reason to be thankful and to celebrate, an opportunity to renew our commitment to those in need and to each other, and hope for an even brighter season to come.

As we celebrate the Holiday Season, I hope each of you takes pride in knowing that even with the many changes we experience, we celebrate the true spirit of the holidays in our everyday lives and that spirit of community comes only through our continued dedication and commitment to each other so that we all can realize the Addison Advantage.

Best wishes to each of you for a joyous, safe, and healthy Holiday Season!


Rich Veenstra

Fall 2022

Intergovernmental cooperation is something we talk about a lot in Addison – so much so that it can sometimes feel like an empty phrase that is thrown around without having much substance behind it. I want to share some concrete examples that show that we are truly committed to this.

Addison VideoMany communities talk about how their agencies work together, but in actuality they only concern themselves with their own responsibilities.

Addison has always been different in that regard.  Though elected officials may change on respective boards, the philosophy has always been “we are all working for the good of the community.”

Representatives from all of Addison’s taxing bodies recently worked together to highlight the unique qualities our community has to offer – to our residents, potential business owners, and home buyers.  These ideas are featured in a video, “Addison: A Place to Work, Live & Grow,” that is being shared with area Realtors to help market our community.  You can watch this on Addison Community Television, as well as our YouTube Channel.

This newsletter is another example of that cooperation.  While working on that video, we began to talk about the ways we communicate with those who already call Addison their home.  Each agency utilizes various media, but we realized that having one shared communication piece that includes the most important news from all of us can certainly help our residents.

Advantages! will now include information from the Village, as well as Addison School District 4, DuPage High School District 88, Addison Public Library, Addison Township and Addison Fire Protection District. The news from each will be different, but the message is the same – we are proud of all that Addison has to offer our residents.


Rich Veenstra

Summer 2022

What do Baton Rouge, Wichita, Reno, Las Vegas, and Addison have in common? If you have seen the signs and posters throughout the Village, or have snapped a picture of the QR code on those signs, you probably have guessed ... Addison has joined a prestigious group of cities that have hosted the United States Bowling Congress Women’s Championship.

This year’s USBC tournament – which runs from April 24 through July 2 – will draw more than 13,000 bowlers, family members and fans to Addison’s Stardust Bowl, the largest bowling facility in Illinois and the second largest in the United States.  This is a great opportunity for us to share the Addison Advantage by showcasing our restaurants, recreational venues, and community events. Please join me as we give a warm Addison welcome to the USBC bowlers and their families!

Speaking of the Addison Advantage, have you ever wondered just what this advantage is that we always talk about? To answer that question, we’ve created a new video series entitled Behind the Advantage. Each episode features a local business, a Village department, or an upcoming event that highlights the uniqueness of our community. It’s an opportunity to learn about and to celebrate Addison and its advantages. You can watch Behind the Advantage on Addison Community Television, as well as on our YouTube channel.

We are also thrilled that summer events are back! We’ll start the season with our annual Memorial Day activities on May 30, and follow with a full schedule of Rock ‘N Wheels, with a line-up that promises to set a new standard. We’ll end summer with fireworks at our final Rock ‘N Wheels, and the Addison-Medinah Shriners Parade on Sunday, Aug. 28.  More details are on the following pages, and of course, you can always check out

On behalf of our entire Village staff, I want to wish you a very happy, safe, and healthy summer. Enjoy the weather. Enjoy the activities. Enjoy the Advantage!

Best wishes,

Rich Veenstra

Spring 2022

As the bright lights, decorations, and family celebrations of the holiday season fade into memories, we turn our attention to the advent of spring and the promises that this season of rebirth brings.

While our hopes are for a return to a time when masks were for Halloween and social distancing was only encouraged at school dances, the reality is that worldwide we are still dealing with the impact of COVID-19.

The past several months have seen staggering, if not confusing, numbers as they relate to positivity percentages, new cases, hospital bed availability, number of tests performed, and vaccinations administered.

We are seemingly bombarded on a daily basis with facts that are unfortunately based on both science and, at times, politics. While there is discord and disagreement with many of those who claim to speak with authority, there is one inescapable fact: our individual health, the health of our families, and the health of our community are responsibilities that we all share.

As we begin to plan for our summer events – a return to a full schedule for Rock ‘N Wheels, National Night Out, the Addison-Medinah Shriners Parade – and the opportunities to celebrate just being together, the threat of COVID-19 is still real.

If we want a return to normal, we must all do our part. The Village, in cooperation with our other governmental partners, has and will continue to host vaccine clinics and work to make sure masks and credible information are available.

Whether it’s distancing, masking, “vaxing,” or getting “boosted,” we can and must do our part so that the hopes we had for a “rebirth” in 2021 can be realized in 2022.

Best wishes and stay healthy!

Rich Veenstra