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Village of Addison Code




Chapter 9 – Health and Sanitation

Article 1.  Drainage and Grading Control.

§9-1.                Jurisdiction; Permit Required; Issuance.

§9-2.                Finished Landscape Grades.

§9-3.                Grading Requirements.

§9-4.                Building Foundation Elevation.

§9-5.                Drainage Obstruction Prohibited.

§9-6.                Sump Pump Discharge.

§9-7.                Hazardous Material Spills.

§9-8.                Penalty for Violation.

Article I. Drainage and Grading Control.

Sec. 9-1.          Jurisdiction; Permit Required, Issuance.

It shall be unlawful for any person or agent acting thereunder to cause any land filling whatsoever on property within the corporate limits of the Village of Addison or within one and one-half (1-1/2) miles outside of the corporate limits without a permit secured in accordance with the terms of this Article.  A permit for any necessary land filling shall be obtained through the Village Engineer.  (Ord. 77-79)

Sec. 9-2.          Finished Landscape Grades.

Finished landscaped elevations shown on site plans shall be compatible with surrounding properties and shall be binding on all builders, developers and subsequent owners of such property.  Finished landscaping grades shall have an allowable tolerance of +3.  (Ord. 77-79).

Sec. 9-3.          Grading Requirements.

The builder shall be responsible for proper grading of the entire lot or site and adequate drainage.  Rough grading shall be accomplished as soon as possible after a foundation is completed in order to provide for proper drainage of the lot or site and adjacent properties.  Rough grading shall accommodate a minimum of four inches (4") of topsoil.  Finished grading shall include suitable topsoil and shall be held to not less than three inches (3") from top of foundation nor more than six inches (6") from top of foundation.  Slopes of landscaped areas shall not exceed ten percent (10%) nor be less than two percent (2%).  (Ord. 77-79) 

Sec. 9-4.          Building Foundation Elevation.

Elevations of new building foundations shall be approved by the Village Engineering Department with an allowable tolerance of +l" from the theoretical elevation or height shown on the approved site plan. A bench mark shall be established in reasonable proximity of the foundation and shown on the drawing with its elevation.  Any deviation in excess of the allowable tolerance shall be cause for rejection by the Village Engineer who may direct the building commissioner to issue a stop-work order on the building until the error is corrected.  It shall be the builder's responsibility to have such foundation elevation field checked and approved before continuing with construction.  Village Engineering department requires twenty-four hours (24) prior notice. (Ord. 77-79, §4.)

Sec. 9-5.          Drainage Obstruction Prohibited.

The obstruction of natural drainage from adjacent property in any manner whatsoever shall be prohibited. The construction of retaining walls, dikes, earth mounds, etc. shall not be permitted except by the approval of the village board of trustees acting through the recommendation of the Village Engineer.  (Ord. 77-79, §5.)

Sec. 9-6.          Sump Pump Discharge.

Sump pumps shall discharge into a storm sewer, or on the ground surface of the rear yard at a distance not to exceed five feet (5') from the foundation wall.  Discharge to front yard shall be permitted only when topography or other conditions render rear yard discharge impractical; the Village Engineer shall determine where discharge will be directed in such case. Discharge shall not be permitted to the side yard, unless it is directed to the rear yard by proper grading.  Discharge shall not be permitted on public right of way such as sidewalks, parkways and street gutters.  (Ord. 77-79.)

Sec. 9-7.          Hazardous Material Spills.

In the event of a release of hazardous materials within the Village limits, for which the Village provides emergency relief or services to mitigate the effects of such release, the person or entity that causes the release of the hazardous material shall reimburse the Village for the Village's cost of services, supplies and equipment.  The Village shall provide an invoice of its costs to said person or entity within ninety  (90) days of the provision of services.  It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to fail to pay the aforesaid invoiced Village costs within thirty (30) days of the date of mailing the invoice.  A person or entity that fails to reimburse the Village, in addition to charges provided for in this Section, shall be liable for the penalties otherwise provided for in this Chapter.  (Ord. 89-68.)

Sec. 9-8.          Penalty for Violation.

Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this Article shall be subject to a fine of not less than two hundred dollars ($200.00) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each violation, and each day such violation is permitted to exist shall constitute a separate offense.  (Ord. 77-79.)

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