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Village of Addison Code




Chapter 11 – Motor Vehicles and Traffic 

Article I.  In General. 

§11-1.              Definitions.

§11-2.              Limitation of Parades to Village Streets.

§11-2.1            Parade Permits.

§11-3.              Obstruction of Driver's View; Interference with Driving Mechanism.

§11-4.              Boarding or Alighting from Vehicle in Motion.

§11-5.              Riders of Bicycles, Roller Skates, etc., Clinging to Moving Vehicles.

§11-6.              Riding on Portion of Vehicle Not Intended for Passengers.

§11-7.              Play Streets and Zones of Quiet.

Article II.  Enforcement and Obedience to Traffic Regulations.

§11-8.              Enforcement of Chapter by Policemen.

§11-9.              Authority of Police to Direct Traffic Generally; Assistance of Policemen by Firemen.

§11-10.            Obedience to Traffic Regulations Generally.

§11-11.            Obedience to Police.

§11-12.            Applicability of Chapter to Authorized Emergency Vehicles.

§11-13.            Applicability of Chapter to Government Owned Vehicles.

§11-14.            Applicability of Chapter to Persons Riding Bicycles, Animals, etc.

§11-15.            Owners, Employers, etc., Requiring or Permitting Violation of Chapter.

Article III.  Operation of Vehicles.

§11-16.            State License Required.

§11-17.            Proper Side of Highway.

§11-18.            Driving with Windshield, etc., Obstructed.

§11-19.            Passing Vehicles Proceeding in Opposite Directions.

§11-20.            Overtaking and Passing--On Left Generally.

§11-21.            Same--Limitations on Overtaking and Passing on Left.

§11-22.            Same--On Right.

§11-23.            Approaching, Overtaking and Passing School Bus.

§11-24.            Drag Racing.

§11-25.            Dimming Headlights.

§11-26.            Driving on Roadways Laned for Traffic.

§11-27.            One Way Roadways and Rotary Traffic Islands.

§11-28.            Following Too Closely

§11-29.            Driving onto or from Controlled Access Roadways.

§11-30.            Turning at Intersections.

§11-31.            Starting.

§11-32.            Driving on Divided Roadways.

§11-33.            Stop or Turn Signals--When Required.

§11-34.            Same--Methods of Giving Generally.

§11-35.            Same--Method of Giving Hand and Arm Signals.

§11-36.            Right-of-Way at Intersections--Generally.

§11-37.            Same--Vehicles Turning Left.

§11-38.            Same--Vehicles Entering Through Streets, Stop Intersections or Stop Crosswalks.

§11-39.            Same--Vehicles Entering Yield Intersections.

§11-40.            Same--Vehicles Entering Street from Private Road or Driveway.

§11-41.            Emerging from Alley, Driveway or Building.

§11-42.            Duty on Approach of Authorized Emergency Vehicle.

§11-43.            Obedience to Signal, etc., Indicating Approach of Train.

§11-44.            Certain Vehicles to Stop at all Railroad Grade Crossings; Exceptions.

§11-45.            Stopping to Avoid Obstructing Traffic.

§11-46.            Backing.

§11-47.            U-turns.

§11-48.            Coasting.

§11-49.            Following Fire Apparatus.

§11-50.            Crossing Fire Hose.

§11-51.            Driving in Funeral or Other Procession; Identification of Funeral of Procession.

§11-52.            Driving between Vehicles in Procession.

§11-53.            Driving on Sidewalk.

§11-54.            Motor Vehicle Access to the Village Green.

§11-55.            Repealed by Ord. 08-14, 3/3/08

§11-56.            Vehicles Making Loud or Unnecessary Noises.

§11-57.            Speed Restrictions--Generally.

§11-58.            Same--Certain Streets.

§11-59.            Same--School Zones.

§11-60.            Same--Minimum Speed Regulation.

§11-61.            One-Way Streets.

§11-62.            Truck Routes.

§11-63.            Riding on Motorcycles.

§11-64.            Use of Motorcycles, Minibikes, Golf Carts, etc.

Article IV.  Village Motor Vehicle or Motor Bicycle License.

§11-65.            Fees; Late Charges; Registration; Exception. 

§11-66.            Issuance and Display of Sticker.

§11-67.            Penalties.

Article V.  Equipment on Vehicles.

§11-68.            Lamps--Requirements for Motor Vehicles, Motorcycles, etc. Generally.

§11-69.            Same--Requirements for Vehicles Not Specifically Mentioned Elsewhere in Article.

§11-70.            Same--Spot Lamps and Auxiliary Driving Lamps.

§11-71.            Same--Number of Driving Lamps Required or Permitted.

§11-72.            Same--Special Restrictions.

§11-73.            Lamp or Flag on Projecting Load.

§11-74.            Brakes--Equipment Required Generally.

§11-75.            Same--Performance Ability.

§11-76.            Horns and Warning Devices.

§11-77.            Mufflers.

§11-78.            Mirrors.

§11-79.            Windshield Wipers.

§11-80.            Tires.

Article VI.  Stopping, Standing and Parking.

§11-81.            Manner of Parking Generally.

§11-82.            Parking--Prohibited for Certain Streets.

§11-83.            Same--Restricted on Certain Streets.

§11-84.            Same--Prohibited in Certain Specified Areas.

§11-85.            Same--Prohibited for Certain Purposes.

§11-86.            Same--In Alleys.

§11-87.            Same--Restrictions on Parking in Loading Zones, in Front of Entrances to Hospitals and Hotels, etc.

§11-88.            Same--Thirty Minute Parking between 2:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M.

§11-89.            Unauthorized Use of Parking Places Reserved for Handicapped Persons.

§11-90.            Use of Bus Stops and Taxicab Stands by Vehicles Other Than Buses and Taxicabs.

§11-91.            Prohibited Overnight Parking of Trucks and Construction Equipment.

§11-91.1          Trailers and Semi-trailers.

§11-91.2          Trucks, Truck Tractors, etc. in Residential and Commercial Areas

§11-92.            Same--Standing Upon Perceptible Grade.

§11-93.            Vehicles with Reflectors Not Required to Display Lights When Parked at Night.

§11-93.1          Presumption of Owner's Liability.

§11-94.            Penalties for Stopping, Standing, Parking and Vehicle Compliance Violations.

§11-94.1          General Traffic Violation Penalty.

Article VII.  Traffic Control Devices.

§11-95.            Authority to Install.

§11-96.            Obedience.

§11-97.            When Devices Required for Chapter to be Enforceable.

§11-98.            Traffic Control Signal Legend.

§11-99.            Pedestrian Control Signals.

§11-100.          Lane Control Signals.

§11-101.          Flashing Signals.

§11-102.          Unauthorized Signs, Signals or Markings.

§11-103.          Interference with Official Traffic Control Devices, etc.

Article VIII.  Accidents.

§11-104.          Duty of Drivers Generally--Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury.

§11-105.          Same--Accidents Involving Damage to Vehicles.

§11-106.          Same--Giving Information and Rendering Aid.

§11-107.          Same--Upon Striking Unattended Vehicle or Property.

§11-108.          Same--Reporting.

§11-109.          Duty of Occupant or Owner of Vehicle to Make Report.

Article IX.  Pedestrians.

§11-110.          Applicability of Chapter.

§11-111.          Right-of-Way at Crosswalk.

§11-112.          Crossing at Other Than Crosswalk; Standing or Loitering in Roadway Restricted.

§11-113.          Duty to Use Right Half of Crosswalks.

§11-114.          Walking on Streets.

§11-115.          Blind Pedestrians.

§11-116.          Solicitation of Rides.

Article X.  Size, Weight and Load.

§11-117.          Compliance with and Applicability of Article.

§11-118.          Certain Heavy Vehicles Prohibited on Village Streets.

§11-119.          Liability for Damages Caused by Heavy Vehicles.

§11-120.          Maximum Size.

§11-121.          Required Marking for Second Division Vehicles.

§11-122.          Projecting Loads on Passenger Vehicles.

§11-123.          Planking Edge of Pavement for Metal Tired or Other Heavy Vehicles.

§11-124.          Spilling Loads on Highways; Covering Loads.

§11-125.          Towed Vehicles.

§11-126.          Compliance with Weight Requirements of State Law Generally.

§11-127.          Village Manager to Route Vehicles with Gross Weight of More Than Five Tons per Axle.

§11-128.          Industrial Truck Routes.

§11-129.          Police Officers to Weigh Vehicles, Require Removal of Excess Loads, etc.

§11-130.          Liability of Owner and Operator for Violation.

§11-131.          Penalty.

Article XI.  Abandoned, Hazardous or Unlawful Vehicles.

§11-132.          Definitions.

§11-133.          Abandonment Prohibited.

§11-134.          Leaving Wrecked, Nonoperating, etc., Vehicle on Street.

§11-135.          Inoperable Motor Vehicles Declared Nuisance.

§11-136.          Administrative Penalties/Vehicle Possession.

§11-137.          Administrative Penalties/Vehicle Possession.

§11-138.          Towing Permitted.

§11-139.          Authorization for Towing.

§11-140.          Pre-Tow Notice for Abandoned Vehicles.

§11-141.          Pre-Tow Hearing Procedures.

§11-142.          Post-Tow Notice for Hazardous and Unlawful Vehicles.

§11-143.          Post-Tow Hearing Procedures. 

Article XII.  Adoption of Certain Portions of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code by Reference.

§11-144.          Provisions of Illinois Motor Vehicle Code Adopted.

Article XIII.  Vehicle Immobilization Program

§11-145.          Vehicle Immobilization Program Established.

§11-146.          Vehicles Eligible for Immobilization.

§11-147.          Notice of Vehicle Immobilization and Hearing.

§11-148.          Notice to be Affixed to Immobilized Vehicle.

§11-149.          Towing of Immobilized Vehicle.

§11-150.          Release of Immobilized Vehicle.

§11-151.          Post Vehicle Immobilization/Impoundment Notice.

§11-152.          Immobilized Vehicle Hearing.

§11-153.          Immobilization Fees.

§11-154.          Unlawful to Relocate Immobilized Vehicles.

Article XIV.  Restitution.

§11-155.          Restitution for Costs of Emergency Response to Driving under Influence Incidents.

Article XV.  Penalty.

§11-156.          Penalty.

Article XVI.  Regulation of Chartered Transportation.

§11-157.          Applicability.

§11-158.          Application.

§11-159.          Unlawful Operation of Chartered Transportation. 

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