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Village of Addison Code

Village of Addison Code

Article 5.  Life Safety.

Chapter 6 Continued




Chapter 6 – Building Code

Article 5.  Life Safety.

Sec. 6-501.      Fire Lanes.  [back to top]

Fire lanes shall be provided for all new buildings or structures when any portion of the exterior wall on the first story is located more than one hundred fifty (150) feet from the fire department access point or when the building height exceed thirty (30) feet in height and any portion of the exterior wall on the first story is located more than fifty (50) feet from the fire department access point.

Sec. 6-502.      Deflagration Venting, Marking and Identification.  [back to top]

All deflagration venting panels shall be outlined with bright yellow paint, three (3) inches wide.  In addition, a warning sign stating, "DANGER - EXPLOSION RELIEF PANEL," shall be posted on the panel at intervals of one (1) sign for every ten (10) linear feet.  Letters on the sign shall be a minimum of four (4) inches in height and inch stroke width.  The sign is to be red in color with white letters.

Sec. 6-503.      Aboveground Liquefied Petroleum Gases.  [back to top]

Aboveground liquefied petroleum gases:  Fixed stationary installations on the exterior, utilizing storage containers in excess of one thousand (1,000) gallons water capacity, are not allowed.  Containers of one thousand (1,000) gallons or less water capacity shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 58 Standard for the Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases, 2017 Edition.

Within the limits established by law restricting the storage of liquefied petroleum gas for the protection of heavily populated or congested areas, the aggregate capacity of any one (1) installation shall not exceed a water capacity of one thousand (1,000) gallons. Containers of one thousand (1,000) gallons or less water capacity shall be installed in accordance with NFPA 58 Standard for the Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gases, 2017 Edition.

Exception:  In particular installations, this capacity limit shall be determined by the Fire Code Official, after consideration of special features such as topographical conditions, nature of occupancy, and proximity to buildings, capacity of proposed containers, degree of fire protection to be provided and capabilities of the local fire department.

Sec. 6-504.      Aboveground Flammable/Combustible Liquid Storage Tanks.  [back to top]

Aboveground flammable/combustible liquid storage tanks may be allowed when all issues are in compliance with the applicable EPA and OSFM standards and the following:

1.       Variances will only be considered for Class II and III Liquids as defined by NFPA 30, 2018 Edition.

2.       Aboveground storage tanks shall be tested, in accordance with U.L. 2085 and shall meet the requirements of NFPA 30, 2018 Edition.

3.       All electric for the tanks and associated equipment shall be installed in accordance with the National Electric Code (NFPA 70) 2017 edition.

4.       Required permits, inspections and approvals shall be obtained from the Village of Addison, the Addison Fire Protection District, the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) and, where applicable, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Sec. 6-505.      Fire Suppression.  [back to top]

Sec. 6-505.1.  Regardless of the use group, any building or structure greater than two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet of gross floor area shall be protected by an automatic sprinkler system in accordance with the applicable N.F.P.A. 13 standard as referenced in the adopted International Building Code and the adopted International Fire Code. 


1.  Group A-1:  Regardless of size shall have a fire sprinkler system.

2.  One and two family and single family R-3 shall be protected in accordance with the 2018 International Residential Code and N.F.P.A. 13 D.

3.  Groups B and S with gross floor areas under two thousand five hundred (2,500) square feet but more than one (1) story above grade shall have sprinkler protection.

Sec. 6-505.1.1. All required fire suppression/automatic sprinkler systems shall have a fire alarm system installed in accordance with N.F.P.A. 72.

Sec. 6-505.2.   Regardless of the use group, a fire detection system shall be required for any building that does not require automatic sprinkler protection. 


1.  Group U. 

2.  Unless required in conjunction with sprinklers in accordance with the International Building Code or International Fire Code 2018 editions. 

Sec. 6-505.3. Group A: A manual fire alarm system that activates the occupant notification system shall be installed in all Group A occupancies. Potions of Group E occupancies for assembly purposes shall be provided with a fire alarm system as required for Group E occupancies. 

Sec. 6-505.4.   Group B and M:  Manual fire alarm system shall be installed in all Group B or M occupancies where any of the following conditions exists: 

1.       Building is three (3) or more stories in height.

2.       The occupancy is subject to fifty (50) or more occupants above or below the level of exit discharge.

3.       The occupancy is subject to one hundred (100) or more total occupants. 

Sec. 6-505.5.   Group F:  A manual fire alarm system that shall be installed in all Group F buildings where the Group F occupancy is: 

1.       Two (2) or more stories in height.

2.       The occupant load is greater than one hundred (100).

3.       Twenty-five (25) or more occupants are above or below the level of exit discharge. 

Sec. 6-505.6.   Group S:  A manual fire alarm system that shall be required in all Group S buildings except: 

1.       Fully sprinklered Group S (except self-storage facilities two (2) or more stories in height).

2.       Low hazard storage occupancy.

3.       Ordinary or high hazard storage less than fifty thousand (50,000) square feet gross floor area. 

Sec. 6-505.7.   Fire Protection Signaling Systems:  All required fire suppression, fire detection, and fire alarm system shall be directly connected to the designated dispatch center of Addison Fire Protection District #1. This connection shall be made by wireless radio. It is the responsibility of the building owner to maintain the alarm system and supervision during the life of the building. 

Sec. 6-505.8.   Fire Alarm Panels/Radio Transmitters – Batteries.  All fire alarm panels and wireless radios shall be required to provide a sixty (60) hour battery back up. 

Sec. 6-505.9.  Existing Buildings. 

All buildings, except one and two family dwellings and single family (R-3) existing on the effective date of this Code shall be provided with an automatic fire suppression system and/or detection system if such systems would be required if the building were new and

1.       Structural repairs to any building or space within a building in excess of fifty (50) percent of the physical value of the building is performed during a continuous thirty (30) month period, or

2.       Remodeling (not cosmetic) or the reconfiguration of a building or space within a building that exceeds fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) in value, or

3.       The use group of the building occupancy is changed, or

4.       Where an addition to an existing building is five hundred (500) or more square feet in fire area.

Exception:  The first addition of less than five hundred (500) square feet is allowed.  The second addition of less than five hundred (500) square feet that has a total aggregate of five hundred (500) square feet or more in fire area shall have a fire suppression system based on new construction for the entire building/structure.

Remodeling (cosmetic) includes replacing kitchen cabinetry, window replacement of the same size, carpet and painting.

Sec. 6-505.10.  All buildings with a fire sprinkler system shall be required to provide a white strobe or horn strobe above the fire department connection. This strobe shall be activated on water flow alarm only. 

Sec. 6-505.11. Group H and R2:  A fire protection signaling system shall be installed in all building of Use Group H and Use Group R2.

Exception:  In Group R2 where the dwelling unit or sleeping unit has an exit directly to a public way or court and are no more than two (2) stories in height. 

Sec. 6-505.12.  Throughout all buildings of Group I-2, I-3 and R-4, required to be equipped with an automatic fire suppression system, an automatic fire detection system shall also be installed.

Sec. 6-506.      Water Control Valves.  [back to top]

In all non-residential mutli-tenant buildings a separate control valve for the sprinkler system shall be located within each unit.

Sec. 6-507.      Standpipes.   [back to top]

Standpipes shall be provided in all buildings of all Use Groups regardless of the automatic fire suppression system, where the building is more than two hundred (200) feet of travel, vertically or horizontally, to the nearest point of a fire department vehicle access, or where the building is greater than two (2) stories above or below grade.

Sec 6-507.1.  The piping design of the standpipe system shall provide for a residual pressure of sixty-five (65) p.s.i. at the top most floor outlet while flowing water at all other outlets from that riser. 

Sec 6-507.2.  Standpipe valves shall be located at the floor landing and shall be accessible from both the stairwell and the hallway.

Sec. 6-508.      Riser Pipe Sizes. [back to top]

Groups, other than B, I, R-1, R-2 and R-4, which are equipped with an automatic fire suppression system, shall have the riser size based on hydraulic calculations with a minimum flow of five hundred (500) g.p.m.

Sec. 6-509.      Fire Department Connections.  [back to top]

Sec. 6-509.1.  Fire department connections shall be accessible to fire apparatus and shall not be located more than one hundred fifty (150) feet from any fire hydrant. 

Sec. 6-510.      Strobe and Bells.  [back to top]

Strobe/Bell:  All new fire department connections shall have a white strobe light and audible horn/bell located above the fire department connection.  The strobe light and horn/bell shall operate upon activation of the flow alarm.  The type and location of strobe light and horn/bell shall be approved by the Fire Protection District. In addition to the above, all non-residential multi-tenant buildings shall have a yellow strobe light located in front of each tenant space that will activate when the alarm sounds for that unit.

Sec. 6-511.      Key Box.  [back to top]

A key box shall be installed in accordance with the International Fire Code. Key box(es) shall be installed at a height not to exceed six (6) feet above finished grade. The number and location of key boxes shall be designated by the Addison Fire Protection District.

Sec. 6-512.      Bulk Liquid CO2. [back to top]

Sec. 6-512.1.  Regardless of location, all bulk liquid CO2 tanks shall require an operational permit.

Sec. 6-512.2.   Regardless of location, all buildings with interior bulk liquid CO2 tanks shall provide the NFPA 704 symbol on the front side (street side) of the building and at the door to the area where the bulk liquid CO2 tank is located.

Sec. 6-512.3.   All bulk liquid CO2 tanks shall be provided with leak detection alarms.

Sec. 6-513.      Carbon Monoxide Alarms. [back to top]

Carbon monoxide alarms shall be located in all office areas of Group B, F and M where fuel burning equipment (including  propane forklifts)  is used. The number and location of each device will be based on the layout and size of the office area as determined by the Addison Fire Protection District. 

Sec. 6-514.      Fire Protection Maintenance.[back to top]

All inspections and maintenance reports shall be forwarded to the Addison Fire Protection District using (IROL). Any company doing inspections and maintenance to a fire protection system shall register with IROL. Fire protection systems shall include but not be limited to sprinkler systems, fire pumps, fire alarms, hood and duct systems, CO2 monitoring systems, emergency and exit lighting and fire extinguishers.

Article 6.  Elevators.

Sec. 6-601.      Access.  [back to top]

For new installations, a permanent safe, convenient means of access into the elevator machine room and overhead machinery spaces shall be provided for elevator maintenance personnel only. The elevator machine room shall not be used for a through passage to or from any other spaces, including the roof, the electrical maintenance areas or similar spaces. 

Sec. 6-602.      Accessibility.  [back to top]

Passenger elevators required to be accessible or to serve as part of an accessible means of egress shall be designed and installed in accordance with the Illinois Accessibility Code as adopted by the State of Illinois.

Sec. 6-603.      Certificate of Compliance.  [back to top]

The operation of all equipment governed by the provisions of this article and hereafter installed, relocated or altered shall be unlawful by persons other than the licensed installer until such equipment has been inspected and tested as herein required and a final Certificate of Compliance has been issued by the Village of Addison.

The owner or lessee shall post the current-issued Certificate of Compliance in a conspicuous place inside the conveyance.  A copy of the current-issued certificate is acceptable.

Sec. 6-604.      Car Size.  [back to top]

Sec. 6-604.1.  Where elevators are provided in buildings, not fewer than one (1) elevator shall be provided for fire department emergency access to all floors, regardless of the number of floors within the building.  The elevator car shall be of such a size and arrangement to accommodate an ambulance stretcher twenty-four (24) inches by eighty-four (84) inches with not less than five (5) inch radius corners, in the horizontal, open position and shall be identified by the international symbol for emergency medical services (star of life).  The symbol shall not be less than three (3) inches in height and shall be placed inside on both sides of the hoistway door frame.

Sec. 6-604.2.  All elevator cars shall have a minimum interior car size of eighty (80) inches wide and sixty-five (65) inches deep.

Sec. 6-605.      Machine Rooms, Control Rooms, Machinery Spaces and Control Spaces.  [back to top]

The elimination of required fire resistance ratings when a machine room, control room, machinery space and control space does not abut or does not have openings to the hoistway enclosure they serve is prohibited.

Sec. 6-606.      Standardized Fire Service Elevator Keys.  [back to top]

All new and modernized elevators shall be equipped to operate with a standardized fire service elevator key in accordance with the International Fire Code.

Sec. 6-607.      Personnel and Material Hoists.  [back to top]

All miscellaneous hoisting and elevator equipment shall be subject to tests as required by the Village of Addison to ensure safe operation.

Field tests shall be conducted upon the completion of an installation or following a jump or a major alteration of a personnel hoist.



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