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Home > Government > Village Services > Parkway Trees

Parkway Trees

Parkway trees are planted, maintained and are the property of the Village of Addison and its Public Works Department.

Tree trimming

Parkway trees throughout the Village are cared for on a rotating schedule so that each neighborhood’s trees are trimmed once every five-to-seven years. Trees will be trimmed to 14 feet above street level by either Village crews or a private service contracted by the Village.

Trees in need of more immediate attention should be reported to the Addison Public Works Department at 630/620-2020. Hanging branches or diseased trees should be reported immediately.

Tree planting

Parkway trees will be provided and planted at no charge to residents. Planting is done in the spring and fall, depending on the type of tree. Residents should call the Public Works Department if they wish to have a tree planted in their parkway; Public Works employees will inspect the site to decide if planting is possible and place your name on the waiting list. A limited number of trees are available each year, so occasionally planting is postponed until the following season.

Planting of trees in the parkway by residents is appreciated, but a permit is required. Call the Public Works Department at 630/620-2020 for more information.

Tree problems and removal

Occasionally, tree roots cause problems with sewer lines. If you suspect a parkway tree is causing your sewer to backup, call the Environmental Services Department at 630/279-2140 to have the site inspected.

The Village will not remove live trees from the parkway except in cases where the tree is dead, diseased or hazardous to the safety of others. Trees will not be removed simply to eliminate the need to rake leaves or other minor inconveniences.

The Public Works Department should be notified of other problems with parkway trees, and will work to correct them immediately. Wasp or hornet nests will be removed. For trees that grow roots above ground in the parkway, it is recommended that a mulch ring be constructed, eliminating the need for mowing close to the tree.

Parkway trees, as well as those on private property, can experience problems due to invasive insects. Parkway trees will be serviced, and when necessary, removed by the Village when they are infected. For information about invasive insects and what can be done for trees on private property, click here.