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Business Licenses

All businesses are required to have a Village of Addison Business License to operate in the Village of Addison. The license is issued annually and is valid from January 1 through December 31. Vending or coin-operated machines also need to be licensed.

The following are processes that should occur before a business license is issued:

  1. To verify zoning and if the requested use is permitted at a particular location, contact Arlene at (630) 693-7525.
  2. If you would like to schedule an optional FREE pre-sale/pre-lease inspection, contact Sandy at (630) 693-7521.
  3. Complete a business license application and submit it, along with $125 background fee plus $25 for each additional owner, to the Finance Department. Click here for business license application packet. Please contact Bridget at (630) 693-7573 with business license questions.
  4. The Addison Police Department will contact you to set up fingerprinting. There is an additional fee charged by the State of Illinois that will be required at fingerprinting.
  5. Upon approval from the Police Department, you will receive a call to come in and pay your business license fee (based on square footage and type of business).
  6. Once your business is operating, you will receive a call from the Community Development Department to schedule a business license inspection. Once approval is given by the inspector, your business license will be mailed to you.